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Come Plant a Prairie!

As part of the implementation of the master design for the Horticulture Center, the area designated for wet and dry prairie will be prepared for a fall planting of prairie forbs and grasses. The site was managed throughout the summer by routine mowings and herbicidal applications to prevent weeds from producing seeds. It is also imperative that the areas not be disturbed to prevent new weed seeds from germinating.

Illinois State's own Dean of Green has been an advisor to the planting. The Dean of Green emphasizes the prairie should be seeded mostly with prairie forbs (wildflowers) and a few prairie grasses, as these will become more established as the years go by.

The summer and early fall will offer an opportunity to collect seeds around McLean County for fall distribution at our prairie site. The Horticulture Center is also seeking sponsors, donors and volunteers for this fall planting. Come join us as we return a portion of McLean County back to its original vegetation.