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Take a look at the Pinetum informational booklet and completed garden design


Come visit the newest garden addition to the Horticulture Center, the Pinetum.

As part of his independent study, Nick Pershey, designed and installed the Pinetum, a grouping of rare and unusual cone-bearing plants, known collectively as conifers. Part of one of the most diverse and widely adapted plant groups in the world, conifers display a variety of artistic forms, colors, and permanence.


The mission of the Pinetum is four-fold.

     - To provide a public resource for community residents, campus visitors, and horticulture

        professionals to study and observe conifers in a landscape or garden setting

     - To expand the resources available to the Illinois State University faculty and students for classes

        including plant identification, landscape and turfgrass management, and garden design principles

     - To assess the adaptability of different conifers in Central Illinois for professional and homeowner

       decision making

     - To enhance the overall aesthetics of the Illinois State University Horticulture Center


Designed to be installed in stages, once completed, the Pinetum will showcase over 100 conifers. As the garden matures we hope to increase the collection, including perennials through donations and garden sponsors.