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Jessica Chambers

The central focus of my job as Horticulture Coordinator is to develop the Horticulture Center and that entails many different aspects. It may include watering the annual beds, visiting “green” buildings, weeding, developing a web site and brochures, giving tours, planting hundreds of pumpkins seeds, writing grants, applying insecticides — basically it runs the gambit. And what a wonderful gambit it is!

As a horticulture alumna from ISU (1993) I am devoted to making this project become a reality. I wish I had had the opportunity to do such projects as receiving honors credit for designing and establishing an identification perennial bed, or maybe to have done a research study on zinnias, or perhaps to have even had the opportunity to be “Horticulture Center Assistant”. What I can do now is to make this a reality for our current students and for those that are yet to be Horticultural Redbirds!