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Horticulture Center
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Fell Arboretum - View Illinois State's living laboratory, a diverse collection of tree and plant species, which serves as an education resource and aesthetic experience.


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Genevieve Green Gardens - Experience this six-acre garden project and gain a greater appreciation and understanding of plant species and nature.


Thank you for your interest in horticulture and Illinois State University.

Illinois State University’s students have a great new opportunity to learn from a diverse group of horticultural settings. These settings include the Horticulture Center, the Genevieve Green Gardens, the Fell Arboretum and the Collections House greenhouse.

The Horticulture Center offers students a prairie setting to study and evaluate the importance of native prairie plants in the landscape. The Center offers horticultural research opportunities for both students and faculty, and the future establishment of greenhouses will enable students to become skilled at raising plants on a larger scale. Students also can learn from our new and expanding borders which include the Pinetum and the Viburnum walk.

Our students' involvement will play a special role in the creation and development of the Horticulture Center. The major in horticulture is offered through the Department of Agriculture. To learn more about the horticulture major and opportunities available to Illinois State students, please visit the Agriculture Web site.