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The Children's Garden

The Children's Garden at Illinois State University will offer many opportunities for the University and the community. The garden provides an educational tool that can be used throughout the year. The children's garden will be comprised of various sub-gardens, each with unique learning opportunities.

Educational Opportunities

The Children's Garden will provide families and community members the chance to reconnect with nature, and unplug from the electronic world. Children will have the opportunity to to apply academic skills, such as science, math, nutrition, ecology and art, to real-life activities. Learning in this environment is not static; children will have the opportunity to expand on their experiences in the garden from year to year.

A children's garden would offer safe and engaging after-school and summer play activities. Children and families would be able to participate in "green activities" without the fear of being run over by other kids.

Furthermore, the children's garden would be an exciting opportunity for Illinois State University students to study research, demonstrate and educate children and adults of all ages.


Establishing the garden would create a sense of homeland pride in children as they discover Midwestern gardening traditions. The Children's Garden will add a family tourist attraction for McLean County and help increase our quality of life in Bloomington-Normal. By developing a children's garden, our community would become part of a growing trend across the nation.

An Opportunity for all

The garden will address children of all needs and cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds.